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TeleMetriX - Retail

TeleMetriX is designed to bring Big Data into the Brick and Mortar world.

TeleMetriX is a series of small sensor devices that are designed to integrate into your product displays.  These devices capture video information, and then using the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, identifies a person's demographic profile. This information is combined with key bio-feedback indicators to determine a person's interest in what they are seeing as well as their emotional response to specific items.

Better Data Than Your Website

TeleMetriX Can Answer These Questions About Every Customer In Your Store.

  • Who Are They? - Demographics (Age, Gender, Ethnicity)

  • What Are Their Interests? - Product Types, Store Areas and Brand Names

  • How Do They Feel? - Emotional Response, Interest Level and Engagement

Personalize Experiences

Tailor Your In-Store Experience Based On The Data Collected

  • What Do They Want? - Use In-Store Displays To Reinforce Product Preferences

  • What Might They Want? - Recommend Products Based On Demonstrated Interests

  • What Do You Want For Them? - Increase Sales Through The Power of Suggestion


Enrich Customer Interactions

Judiciously Focus Your Attention On The Customers Who Require Service

  • Who Needs Assistance? - Proactively Identify Customers Who Are Confused or Angry

  • Who Can Assist? - Match Customer Interests To Employee Skillset

  • Dispatch Quietly - Send SMS Messages To Employee Phones Rather Than Over A Loudspeaker

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