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What Are Your Patron's Looking For?

Let people know who's in your club.  How busy it is.  What the mood is like and most importantly - what the "Ratio" is.  Everyone is sure to have a good time when find the establishment that is right for them.

TeleMetriX - Entertainment

Who's at your club?  Is it a quiet place for a drink or is it where the party people go?

No matter who you cater to there are times when your bar isn't the right place for a certain segment of patrons.  TeleMetriX can help you be found.  And it can help customers find the right kind of establishment for their tastes.  

After all - it's in no one interests to have a crowd in your place who doesn't want to be there!

What's The Crowd Like?

Using the latest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, TeleMetriX measures key characteristics about your entertainment complex.

  • Demographics - Age, Gender and Ethnicity

  • Mood - Are people Happy?

  • How busy are you?

All of these measurements are captured in real-time and can be published to a platform of your choice.

Post it on your website or send automated alerts to people on your guest list.  The choices are endless.

For you or for them.

Whether you are publishing crowd statistics to attract new customers or collecting the information to help design a better establishment...  Our state of the art dashboard system will provide you and your management with the information you need - in an easy to understand set of charts and graphs.

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