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TeleMetriX - Launches In 7 Days

It's a very exciting time at Pandora Cybernetics! On January 31st - We will Launch TeleMetriX!

TeleMetriX will bring the latest in emotionally intelligent customer experience management technologies to the Brick and Mortar world! Please checkout our website for the latest information on the launch.

Each day until the launch we will highlight a new topic of interest pertaining to our system.

Today's Topic: Counting\Conversion Technologies

Are you a business that currently uses Counting\Conversion sensors to monitor location traffic? Our product can replace your existing counting sensors and bring a whole new dimension to your location metrics.

Our system not only counts traffic, but can also provide insight into customer Demographics and Emotional states.

But that is only the beginning - We also offer the ability to create custom targeted marketing messages aimed at increasing your sales!

For more information on traffic conversion - check out this page on

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