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TeleMetriX Launches In 5 Days

It's an exciting time here at Pandora Cybernetics!

On January 31st - We launch TeleMetriX! This product represents a whole new dimension in Retail Customer Analytics.

Each day between now and the launch we will blog about a new topic relevant to the system.

Today's Topic: "Own The Moment"

When a Customer walks into a store, they instantly begin providing feedback about their surroundings. They linger in front of things they like, they scowl when they encounter something that upsets them. These are their true reactions. The reactions that are based on the here and now. The system 1 reactions.

When a Customer submits a survey card or comments on your website... The feedback that they provide is much more analytical. With it you capture not only information about their most recent experience... But also about ever experience they have ever had with your brand. This is a system 2 - reaction, and while very important, it makes it very difficult to determine whether you are performing optimally in the here and now.

TeleMetriX - focuses on the here and now! We utilize the latest in artificial intelligence technologies to capture the moment and respond to how those customer feel in real time.

For more information on transforming your brick and mortar retail environment into something more like an online shopping experience... Visit us at

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