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TeleMetriX Launch - Only 4 Days Away!

It's an exciting time here at Pandora Cybernetics!

On January 31st - We launch TeleMetriX! This product represents a whole new dimension in Retail Customer Analytics.

Each day between now and the launch we will blog about a new topic relevant to the system.

Today's Topic: "How Do You Manage All Of That Data?"

Capturing experience information in the real world - requires capturing a lot of video and video takes up a lot of storage space. The good news is that video information gets stale very quickly. While information captured is very important in first hour after if has been captured, it quickly loses value there after.

Think of it this way... When you see a person - the details of what they are wearing, how they sounded, who that person was, and how they felt are all very important. However... After a year, no one would expect you to be able to recall all of that information.

Our system works in a similar way. When an event happens and we capture video - we store a lot of information immediately. As time progresses - we whittle the information away through a series of algorithms, and eventual we only retain the most basic of facts.

For more information on transforming your brick and mortar retail environment into something more like an online shopping experience... Visit us at

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