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Behaviorally Targeted Messaging, Even More Impactful Than You Think!

Targeted messaging and advertising on the web is so prevalent, that you hardly notice it anymore. In a few short years banner ads that target consumers based on clickstream history have become the norm. This practice has become ubiquitous because study after study, and year after year of bottom line sales growth, have shown that these targeted messages have exponential return in terms of revenue and buyer conversion. What sales organization doesn’t want to have a more profound impact on their customers and prospects? For those marketers with the vision, desire and resources to implement these targeted messaging campaigns, the benefits are clear.

Part of what makes online targeted advertising campaigns so effective is that they are based upon behavior. Some time ago, The Harvard Business Review published a brief but fascinating article referencing research that bore out why these behaviorally targeted messages are so impactful.

There are some compelling takeaways from the results of this research:

- Behaviorally based targeting is far more effective than demographic and psychographic methods.

- Demonstrating responsiveness to an audience’s behavior allows marketers to have “a higher degree of influence” on their targets. Consumers engaged with behavior sensitive messages feel more “sophisticated” and empowered in their decision making.

- Ensuring alignment of the message to specific behavioral indicators is critical. Due to the personal nature of the response – misalignment can result in confusion or outright anger.

Time and time again, behavioral based messaging has delivered effective and affective results for online marketers and retailers. At Pandora Cybernetics – we believe that it is now time to bring these same disciplines into the Brick and Mortar world. Our exciting new service offering - TeleMetriX is the first comprehensive toolkit that allows traditional retailers to target in store consumers with advanced behavioral-sensitive content.

We can’t wait to talk to you about how TeleMetriX can drive deeper, immediate and more impactful connections with your customers. Check us out today at!

Eric Loe is one of the co-founders of Pandora Cybernetics. He lives in the Northeast Neighborhood of Minneapolis with his wife and two children. A veteran of several startup businesses Eric spends his free time coaching youth hockey.

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