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TeleMetriX - Hospitality

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

TeleMetriX Hospitality is designed to make sure that you get that first impression right.  

At it's heart the TeleMetriX Hospitality system is made up of two distinct sensor devices. One sensor monitors your Customer Service agent.  The other observes your Guest.  These sensors capture information about the interaction in a way that allows you to see both how your service agent responds as well as how they are perceived.  

What makes you stand out?

Every hospitality provider focuses on bringing unique offerings to their guests.  But are they being noticed?  How are they being perceived?  Do they have an impact?

Whether you want to know the traffic level in your business center, the impact of your lobby or measure customer reaction to your breakfast buffet, TeleMetriX is a powerful tool that will allow you to objectively measure the way guests feel about your establishment.

Build Loyalty.

Getting guests in your door is important, but retaining guest loyalty is king.  You've got to understand your business from your guest's perspective.  

Using the latest in Machine Learning - TeleMetriX can accurately detect your customer's reaction by observing their emotional response in the common areas of your establishment. 

Are you putting your best foot forward?

Which staff members consistently represent your establishment in the most positive light?  


TeleMetriX can assist you in identifying those staff members and the behaviors that result in the most positive experiences for your customers.

You can use that information to better train other employees and to make sure that you are assigning the right staff member for the right job. 


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