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About Us

Founded in 2015 - in the Northeast Neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

We are dedicated to improving experiences.

We specialize in Emotionally Cognitive computer systems and artificial intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

At Pandora Cybernetics we talk a lot about Emotional Intelligence, because that phrase captures the two primary things we focus on.

Emotional Intelligence as a goal.

We want to build machines that understand people.

Emotional Intelligence as a process.

A structured method for capturing, analyzing and interpreting emotional information.

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Eric Loe

Eric has spent nearly twenty year working in finance and accounting leadership roles in startup and growth stage companies.  He is inspired and driven by the energy of the entrepreneurial spirt. 


His many years in a consumer and market research organization has provided him with a deep curiosity into what drives human and consumer behavior.  Eric is excited by the products that Pandora Cybernetics can provide because they have the ability turn dreams into real concepts and value.

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Jenna Gilbert

"Throughout my 20+ year career in technology I’ve always been driven by the human side of IT. Whether that’s been through helping people interact with the technologies that are permeating our day-to-day lives, or by improving the way we work and play through technical innovation. To me, technology has always been about people. That’s exactly what excites me about what we’re doing at Pandora Cybernetics. 


When I think about the future of Pandora Cybernetics, I think of ways we can bring people closer together. Emotional artificial intelligence can build bridges between cultures by removing demographic stereotypes. It can build safety nets for people who are different or alone. It can help us be better humans. 


When I’m not working with Pandora Cybernetics, I enjoy volunteering with organizations focused on building diversity in STEM. "

Jennifer Gilbert is one of the co-founders of Pandora Cybernetics.  She holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan and a MBA from the Carlson School of Management at University of Minnesota.

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Jeremy Gilbert

"Can machines feel emotions?

That question has obsessed me since I was a little boy reading the novels of Isaac Asimov.

While I don't know if machines will ever feel the way that you or I feel...  I do believe that they can be taught to identify how we feel.  To understand how we feel and react appropriately. 

That is the guiding principal behind Pandora Cybernetics.  We want to improve the way that machines understand Human Beings."

Jeremy Gilbert founded Pandora Cybernetics following a career in Information Technology spanning more than twenty years.  Serving in roles as varied as Advanced Project Manager and Lead Technical Consultant, Jeremy has led development and infrastructure endeavors for some of the world's largest corporate clients.


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