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Our sensors are small video capture devices.  They can be connected to your network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi and are designed to integrate into a variety of different environments.  The sensor enables two-way communication with the TeleMetriX network allowing the devices to be remotely managed and updated in addition to acting as both a collection point and a delivery platform for displaying custom targeted content. 

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Machine Learning algorithms collect a set of standard measurements for every person who passes by the sensor.

•Demographics (Age, Gender Ethnicity)

•Interest Level

•Emotional Response

These standard measurements can be augmented with custom built recognition scenarios.

Sensors Designed For Discretion


Our devices are designed to seamlessly integrate into in-store displays, while remaining unobtrusive.  


We offer several standard models based on the most common display types, but we can also custom integrate the device to your specification. 


Programmable Targeted Messaging


Create custom programmable messages based on your customer's profile.  Each sensor has a HDMI interface allowing it to become a delivery point for rich media content.



Personalize To The Individual


Our unique sensors allow you identify the particular items a person shows interest in.

Using our simple but effective programming interface you can use this information create ultra-targeted messaging that appeals to a individual's personality.

Capture information at one point in your establishment and then leverage that information throughout the experience.

The possibilities are endless.



Focus Where It Counts


Sometimes a customer needs a human approach.

To provide the best possible customer service, your employees need information.  TeleMetriX can alert them to...

  • Customer Emotion (Anger, Confusion, etc.)

  • Interests (Product Types, Brands)

  • Location

Connect the right employee to assist your customer at the right time via Text Message.



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